Reiki is a Japanese word for an ancient technique for channeling healing energy. It is the God-Consciousness called Rei that guides the life force called Ki (called Chi in China) in the practice we call Reiki; therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy.

This universal life force energy animates all living things; therefore, we all have it. And we can all learn to channel more of it, into ourselves and into others. We need more of that energy when we are injured, ill, have an impaired immune system, or have any issues, emotions, etc., that need healing. Reiki works on the symptoms and the cause and hastens healing. It works on all levels---physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; all levels need to be healed at the same time in order for healing to be permanent.

The energy is transferred to the healee by touching the physical body or aura, or it can be sent any distance through a remote healing technique. You can do healing on yourself, other people, animals, plants, situations, anything. You can even send healing into the past to heal issues and into the future to be prepared for coming events such as surgery, a test, an interview, or an expected confrontation.

You can become a Reiki practitioner, a channeler of the energy, by taking a class from a Reiki Master Teacher who provides instruction and an attunement to the energy, which opens, widens and clears your healing channel. The Reiki I attunement establishes the healing channel; Reiki II attunes to three symbols which empowers the practitioner to bring in more energy, perform remote healing and mental and emotional healing; Reiki III attunes to the master symbol. Each level provides much more energy, information, instruction and techniques to make you the most powerful and effective healing channel you can be.

In Reiki I you learn to work on the physical level of the body; in Reiki II you learn to feel and correct distortions in all layers of the aura thus healing the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and you learn to do remote healing to any distance and any time. In Reiki III you learn many more techniques and do a great deal of work on yourself and your environment at home and at work. Upon completion you are certified as a master practitioner. Then if you want to become a teacher, there is a separate one-day class in how to teach and do attunements, so that you can help to develop other people's healing channels.

After Reiki III you can learn Sai Baba/Karuna Reiki, with nine powerful symbols for special healing uses. I teach three symbols in each of three classes.
The attunements to the energies not only increase your ability to channel healing energies, but also increase your intuition, which makes it easier to intuit what the healee's issues, are as well as being useful in other areas of your life.

I offer the above Reiki certification classes as well as classes for children, attunements for animals, and Reiki teacher training as follows:
Usui Reiki I (one day, 10 am to 5 pm, with lunch break) $125
Usui Reiki II (one day, 10 am to 5 pm, with lunch break) $150
Usui Reiki III (two days, 10 am to 5 pm each, with lunch break) $250
Sai Baba Reiki I, II, and III (4 hours each class) $60 each class
Reiki Master Teacher (one day, individual instruction) $350
Children's Reiki (two hours) $25
Animal's Reiki attunement $20
You may schedule classes any day of the week, up to seven people per class. Classes are held in my home in far northeast Columbus.

Call to schedule. 614-794-3686

Healing Angels Ministry
3788 Canon Ridge Pl.
Columbus, OH 43230

Rev. Susan J. Drum, B.S., B.Ed.